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Spousal IRAs: What are They and Who Can Contribute to One?

Spousal IRAs are designed to allow a working spouse to make IRA contributions for a spouse who does not have enough earned income to make their own IRA contributions. There are some key requirements that must be met: The spouses must be legally married and file a...

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Are You in the IRA Sweet Spot?

If you have an IRA, you need to know about the “sweet spot.” What is the IRA sweet spot? Well, that is when you are between ages 59½ and 70½. Your Sweet Spot What makes this spot sweet? This is the time when you have the most flexibility with your IRA. When you reach...

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Understanding the Pro-Rata Rule

The pro-rata rule is an important, though commonly misunderstood, rule that affects the taxation of IRA money. It only comes into play when your traditional IRA consists of both pre-tax and after-tax monies. These after-tax dollars can come from non-deductible IRA...

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IRS Releases Modified Inflation Adjusted Items

NOTE: This article is not based on a complete review of all the inflation adjusted numbers. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act revised the way inflation adjusted numbers will be calculated by IRS. The Act now mandates that these numbers be calculated using chained CPI. IRS has...

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5 Roth IRA Facts That May Surprise You

Do you think you understand all the rules that govern your Roth IRA? Not so fast! There are many misconceptions as to how these complicated accounts work. Here are 5 Roth IRA facts that might surprise you: 1. You are never too old to contribute. If you have earned...

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Bitcoin as an IRA Investment: 6 Things to Know

Bitcoin is receiving a surge of publicity as a possible IRA investment, and a number of new firms have recently started targeting the "Bitcoin IRA" market. Here are six things to know about investing IRA funds in bitcoin:   1)  There is no such thing as a "Bitcoin...

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